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Welcome To "To Do" Lists

What is this?
These are To Do Lists. You can have one or many lists. You can add tasks to each list, and check them off when you complete them. Or you can make lists of other things, like movies you like or web sites you want to remember to visit sometime.

But what's so great about it?
It's easy to use. And everything happens behind the scenes, instantly. If you type in the name of a new list, it's created. And you can immediately start adding tasks to it. If you close your browser, the list will still be there. There's no save button to click. When you check off an item, it's immediately checked off, with no more button clicking. And if you type in a web address, it'll automatically become linked up for you! When you click the link, it'll be checked off your list (though an option may be coming to let you keep links around after you've clicked them).

Are there any other reasons I should bother using this?
They are free to use. They are portable. Come to this site from anywhere that you have internet access, login, and your lists will be there. If there are features you'd like to add, you can ask me to add them, and I'll see what I can do. If you have questions, ask me, and I'll try to answer them. Did I mention that they are free?

Why did you make them, and why are they free?
Believe it or not, I use them a lot. I made them because I thought they'd be useful, and because I wanted practice using something nicknamed AJAX, which lets me instantly save those clicks. It's free because I want feedback so I can learn more about making interfaces like this one very easy and useful. And I want everyone to see my creative side when it comes to making functional, easy to use web sites, so I can do it for lots more people!


Visit your To Do List(s).